Social media and the courts

Court technologists, administrators, communications staff and judges all bring different views to the appropriate role of both new and traditional media in the courthouse.  Reaching internal consensus on whom should control content over court web pages or to what extent the court should engage in social media can be hard to achieve.  Communications staff may preach the virtues of greater outreach, while IT staff may be concerned that these new technologies raise network security issues. Some judges may be eager to get on Facebook, while administrators live in fear that one errant status update will bring a media onslaught or a request for a recusal in a pending case. This discussion will bring together differing vantage points to explore the problems and solutions to the onslaught of new media in the courthouse, and will identify practices that are working well at courts around the country.


Kevin Burke, Judge, Hennepin County District Court, Minneapolis, MN

Laura Click, Public Information Officer, Supreme Court of Tennessee

J.D. Gingerich, Director, Administrative Office of the Courts, Arkansas

Steve Hollon, Administrative Director, Supreme Court of Ohio


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